What We Do

Independent Service Provider

We are an independent service provider, offering a complete range of services that optimise the supply chain, assure quality and maximise yield.

QA Service

Quality assurance (QA) is vital for effective storage and distribution. Our robust QA system begins with quality assessments at intake; includes our on-line and in-store quality services; and concludes with our positive release checks in despatch.

Rest assured, our QA systems also cover label and packaging traceability and checks.

ISS provides thorough in-house auditing and monitoring via the skilled and experienced ISS Technical team.


ISS has invested in the best available packing and weighing equipment. This includes Heat Seal, Flow Wrap, Pouch and Net options, using both standard and environmentally friendly materials.

Each pack, and every piece of produce, is handled and finished with quality and cost-efficiency in mind.


Our team of experts will manage your valuable product through appropriate climatic procedures using 24/7 monitoring.

ISS has invested heavily to ensure our ripening capability is primed to produce optimum products, assuring excellent eating quality and home shelf life.


ISS is located at one of the largest consolidation hubs in the south of England, and is near to many of the UK’s southern ports. This flexibility and competitive edge benefits our customers, too.

In addition, all our customers, share the associated economies of lower pallet rates and pallet fills.


ISS has the capability to store products at optimum quality, and to accurately pick to our customers’ requirements.

Storage: We have 120,000 sqft of temperature-controlled warehouse.  This BRC Global Standards accredited environment is the ideal storage option for consolidation, pick and hold operations.

Picking: The highly-trained ISS pickers in combination with our real-time ERP system (Prophet) can provide the most accurate picking service in the market.

Supply Chain

We understand that our customers’ product must be controlled to the highest possible standard, and then distributed on time and tracked throughout.

For stock-control we use Prophet, an industry-leading stock management system. This means we can accurately deliver quality intake, stock rotation, order processing and coordination of daily and weekly orders. Reconciliation and traceability in real time are standard.